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Short Term Independent Study

We understand the unique situation many families find themselves in due to the COVID-19 family and we are dedicated to working with our families to develop strong Independent Study solutions for the duration of the 2021 - 2022 School Year. Please note that our school district is currently offering both “short-term” and “long-term” IS (Independent Study). Please be sure to check with your school site to determine which option is best for your child. 

COVID-19 Related Quarantine: If you or your child is quarantined for less than 15 days due to COVID-19, please do not come to the school office to sign a master agreement. You will be permitted to sign the master agreement up to 30 days following the beginning of your student’s enrollment in short-term IS due to quarantine. 

Other Short-Term IS (non-COVID-19 related): Short term independent study is available to students who plan to participate in three to fourteen days of independent study. A master agreement will be signed at the beginning of your student’s enrollment in short-term IS, but in the event that you are unable to complete the master agreement it may be signed up to 30 days following the beginning of your student’s short-term IS period. 

Objectives, Methods of Study, Methods of Evaluation, and Resources:

  • Virtual Assignments (Google Classroom)
  • i-Ready Instruction and Practice (ELA & Mathematics)
  • Zingy Science Virtual Lessons and Quizzes (Grades 4+)
  • Critical Reading Assignments Across Content Areas
  • Student Summaries, Reading Logs, Notes, Outlines etc.
  • Practice Worksheets and pages from textbooks


For attendance purposes, a student must complete at minimum work accounting for 55 minutes of daily instructional time in order to receive attendance credit for the day. For grading purposes, students will be held to the same academic requirements as in-person instruction (i.e. Letter Grades, Complete/Incomplete). 

Students will have up to 30 days following their return to in-person instruction to submit their Independent Study work. Live synchronous interactions and instruction are available via Google Meet, email, and phone using the schedule provided by your school site office. 


Long Term Independent Study


For more information on Long Term Independent Study, please be sure to view the informational video posted on the district website. Please note, the school district will be using Edgenuity as the LMS for students enrolled in Long-Term Study. Your student’s teacher will work in conjunction with Edgenuity instructors to ensure that your student is making adequate progress. In the event that your student is not meeting academic requirements, a meeting will be held with your school administrator to discuss alternative in-person recommendations for instruction.

Objectives, Methods of Study, Methods of Evaluation, and Resources: When enrolled in Long-Term IS, the student is to complete the subjects/courses listed within the IS Contract, and that subject/course objectives reflect the curriculum adopted by the district's governing board and are consistent with district standards, as outlined in the district's subject/course descriptions. The teacher or teachers will evaluate submitted work and assign a letter grade or credit.

Duration: Duration of agreements do not exceed one school year and students may transfer to and from in-person instructional settings at any time. 

Reporting: Students are required to report to their teacher(s) as scheduled. 

Manner of Reporting:Telecommunicating/Email/Messaging/Face to Face Frequency: Daily (Monday-Friday)

Day: M-F Time: Between 8 am and 3 pm  Place: Edgenuity LMS

Assignments: The maximum length of time allowed between the assignment and the date the assignment is due is every trimester.  After less than 6%  missed assignments, an evaluation will be made to determine whether Independent Study is an appropriate strategy for this student.

Academic Progress: Teachers are required to report and communicate the student’s academic progress. If the student falls below the level of satisfactory educational progress noted below, an evaluation will be conducted to determine whether the student should remain in Independent Study or return to the regular school program.

Manner of Reporting: Course Progress  Time(Duration): 360 mins  Frequency: Daily (M-F)   Place: Edgenuity LMS

Manner of Communicating: Telecommunication/Email/Messaging/Face to Face   Time(Duration): 30 mins   

 Frequency: Daily (Monday-Friday)    Place: Edgenuity LMS 

Level of Satisfactory Educational Progress: Yellow or higher (Based on LMS Progress Bar)

Independent Study is an optional educational alternative that students voluntarily select, including students covered under California Education Code sections 48915 and 48917. All students who choose Independent Study must be offered the alternative of classroom instruction, and they must have the continuing option of returning to the classroom.

Quality and Quantity; Rights and Privileges; Resources and Services: The Independent Study option is substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to classroom instruction. Students who choose to engage in Independent Study  have equality of rights and privileges with the same access to existing services and resources as students in the regular school program.

Academic and Other Supports: Support is  provided to meet the academic or other needs of this students including: Academic needs, English Language Development, Exceptional Needs/SPED/504 Plan, Foster/Homeless, Social Emotional/Mental Health etc. 

For additional questions involving Long Term Independent Study, please contact your school site to schedule an appointment to meet with the principal to determine if this option is appropriate for your student. 

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